A weekend trip to Medak and Pocharam Lake

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We often hear people in Hyderabad complaining about lack of good places to visit during the weekends. Well, although that is true to an extent, there are some places which are often ignored as they do not feature much in the mainstream travel places. One such place is Medak Town. Located at just around 100 KM from Hyderabad, this place offers simple weekend getaway option for people in Hyderabad.

We decided to simply take out our car along with other friends and it did turn out to be a much more satisfactory one than what we imagined. There are few attractions in this town which gives us a piece of Nizam’s history or simply few options which are liked by nature lovers.

After we reached Medak town, we checked into Haritha resort, it is maintained by the Telangana tourism Department and is located just at the entrance of the Medak fort. This actually used to be a Bungalow used by Nizams during their rule, and then recently converted into a hotel to stay for the people.

View of the medak town from Haritha Resort

Since there is not much crowd during, we easily got the accommodation and it turn out to be such a large room that for a moment we were scared with the size of the rooms. Even bathroom we as big as a 1 Bedroom house in Hyderabad. The fact that we were only 2 couples in the entire resort added to the chill factor.

Bathroom in the old Nizam bungalow

First Day evening we visited the Medak Fort. It’s a small 200m hike and presents a good view of the town. After we are back to the resort from the fort hike, since there were no other guests in the resort, we decided to move the dining tables and played badminton for a good 2 hrs under the lights.

Some trips offer such surprises that they will remain in our memories for ever. We are food lovers and no trip is complete for us without a mention on the food. May be we were tired from playing, but the food we tasted at this place was actually out of the world. We ordered a simple jira rice with dal, and oh boy!!, it turns out that it was the best jira rice and dal we ever ate!! We tried to reason it by assuming we were hungry, we were tired, that’s why it must have tasted delicious, but nevertheless, it was so great that my wife actually took the tips from the chef about cooking various stuff.

Pocharam lake is the main attraction for us during the entire trip. It is a huge lake with a piece of melancholy tagged to it. It is not generally crowded and by the time we visited the lake around morning 6 AM, we were the only people at the lake.

Pocharam Lake

This lake is well known for nature lovers and also ornithologists as we get to see a lot of migratory birds. December to March is probably the best time to visit this place for observing the birds.

pocharam lake in it’s full glory in the morning

The lake is famous for spotting some migratory birds

The abandoned Nizam’s bungalow added to the melancholy. It is said that Medak forest used to be the favourite hunting place for nizams and they used to frequently visit medak and used to stay in this Bungalow.  Although it is currently not maintained well, just a visit to the lake and this bungalow for couple of hours makes it a good experience.

Another abandoned Nizam’s Bungalow near pocharam lake

Nizam’s Bungalow just beside the pocharam lake

While returning, we visited the pocharam wild life sanctuary and tough it is not a big sanctuary, the forest officer was a passionate person. He talked to us for length and explained how human activities were endangering the animal and plant species. He explained us at length about how the penicillin has made vultures extinct from most of the places and how the street dogs are now playing the role of these extinct vultures in scavenging the dead animals. Because of this, he says that there is a serious street dog menace across the country. He also had an interesting take on people’s excessive love for the dogs and paper love for wild animals. Also, how the cows in cities are ending up consuming plastics bags because of our excessive usage of plastics. It was a very educative session with him.

Although not much, pocharam sanctuary does offer some wildlife

After an eventful trip to the pocharam wild life sanctuary, we were in for another surprise. We came across a large plain lands on another side of the pocharam lake and saw few kids playing cricket. The setting was superb for fun one more time.

Kids enjoying their sunday in the best possible way

Kids playing cricket on the lush green grass besides the beautiful pocharam lake away from the hustle of the roads and traffic. These kids know how best to enjoy their weekends. May be we should learn something from them.

All set for a serious match

We walked to the kids and asked if we could play with them. The kids are so lively and they welcomed us whole heartedly. we learnt that village kids are far more courteous than the kids in cities and they were more than willing to accommodate us.

Not such a great shot

After a good game and hearty laughs, we bid good bye to the kids and headed home.

Sometimes, low expectations lead us to more happiness, and that’s what this trip was all about. Don’t expect too much and get disappointed, instead enjoy what comes in your way.

Actually, That’s true for for any thing in life.

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